Diet Planning

Zone Nutrition Plan

Here at Gym72 we recommend The Zone nutrition plan developed by leading US nutritional expert Dr Barry Sears. The zone is a way of eating as opposed to a diet. Diets are naturally restrictive therefore impossible to stick with in the long term. Through following this plan you will learn to eat a healthy balanced diet and the right amount of food for your metabolism. Those following the Zone will notice increased energy, fat loss and much more.

Why the Zone?
Simply because it’s specific to the individual and works on a ratio of 40% carbs, 30% fats and 30% protein which is the perfect ratios for fat loss. It’s easy to follow and educates you in choosing the right food. The zone is a way of life and not a crash diet. As it’s not restrictive you can always be in the Zone.

How it works
Initially your Gym72 Personal Trainer will take you through a body composition analysis to determine your metabolism. This will then be used to determine how many calories you should consume daily. Unlike other diets this is specific to the individual and takes a lot of the guess work out of nutritional planning.

Easy to follow
You will be provided with a comprehensive list of protein, carbs and fats. This indicates good, fair and poor choices from which to design your meals and snacks. It’s very simple to follow and after just a few days you will quickly and easily be able to prepare your zone meals. Our team is on hand to help guide you through the learning process.

1 x 60 minute session





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