The most accurate, convenient and non-intrusive way of monitoring your health is through a bio-impedance test. Often known as a Body Composition Testing.This tests involves connecting bio-pads or electrodes to your hands and feet. The Body Analysis computer than sends an electrical bio-resistance through the body and gathers information. Results from this test include body fat %, hydration levels, fluid retention, Basal Metabolic Rate (metabolism) and ideal weight loss. By reviewing these results it is possible to determine levels of fluid retention. This will indicate excess acid in the body.

The results of the analysis can also be used to create a highly accurate nutritional program. Ensuring correct amounts of food are consumed allowing for improved fat burning.

Understanding water retention and metabolism

Active Body Water % – If active water levels are low this is an indication of acidity. As a result of this your body will be retaining excess water known as water retention. Water retention will directly effect your bodies ability to burn fat. The majority of water retention will accumulate around the core abdominal area making it impossible to achieve a flat stomach without resolving the issue. A thorough detoxification process will remove this unwanted water weight.

Metabolism – If metabolism is slow it makes weight loss a very difficult process. Through specific resistance training, detoxification and nutrition this can be improved substantially. Also by knowing your metabolism it is possible to calculate the correct amount of food an individual should consume.

Your results

Body fat percentage

Body fat in lbs/ kg

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