Ross Bewley
Ross BewleyOwner/ Personal Trainer

Weight Loss & Body Composition

Ross is the founder of Gym72 and is a friendly and approachable Personal Trainer. With 16 years of experience in the fitness industry working for leading fitness providers such as David Lloyd Leisure and Esporta Health Clubs. Ross also worked internationally for Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruise Lines, offering a range of fitness classes, educational fitness seminars and personal training.

Ross specialises in weight loss and is passionate about getting results with all of his clients. Ross demands a lot of effort and commitment but in return can guarantee results. You can expect to be set realistic goals and a timeframe to achieve them. All Ross’s clients benefit from a full nutrition plan and regular body composition tests to measure progress and keep you focused.

JonSports Therapist / Personal Trainer

Sports Rehabilitation

“I am a graduate of the Training Room PT Academy in 2009 and Fitasylum Sports Massage Therapy Diploma in 2020. With over ten years in the fitness industry, I’ve developed a passion for helping people reach their athletic potential and increase their physical capacities.

I have an extensive sporting history including most team sports; action sports such as skiing and snowboarding, bouldering and mountaineering; water sports such as surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking. My passion for a wide range of sports helps me understand the needs of a variety of athletes and their training.

Using a capacity-dominated approach to training and therapy I can help clients achieve any goals including weight loss, movement correction, strength increases and insurance cardio improvements.
More recently through the medium of massage I’ve come to appreciate better the value of recovery, corrective exercise and mobility in the training process and am currently working towards my degree in rehabilitation.”

AlexandraPersonal Trainer

Weight Loss & Tone

Alex is very positive and open-minded person. She started her adventure with the gym 5 years ago and decided to become a Personal Trainer to help people change their lives. She treats her work with the passion and involvement so always tries to make her sessions enjoyable, various and interesting to ensure the clients the best outcomes.

If you want to be “the change” Alex will always support you to achieve your goals and keep you motivated all the time. Whole process and progress is also modified and adjusting according to the client’s needs and preferences to keep it challenging.

For more information or to book a consultation with Alex, please get in touch.

AshPersonal Trainer

Strength & Conditioning

LucaPersonal Trainer

Strength & Conditioning

From Judo prodigy to passionate PT, Luca brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to Gym72!
With a 23-year journey in judo starting at 5 years old, Luca earned a 2nd Dan black belt and even a European Games gold medal (2017) of a Judo Confederation 🥇🥋
Meet Luca!
Luca holds multiple degrees in Sports Science (BSc), Strength & Conditioning (MSc), and Preventive & Adapted Physical Activities (MSc). He is a lifelong learner, constantly seeking new knowledge to empower his clients 🧠
Luca thrives on seeing his clients achieve “I can do it” moments. Witnessing their mindset shift and self-esteem blossom right before his eyes fuels his passion for helping them progress 📈
Beyond fitness, Luca enjoys whipping up delicious Italian meals, losing himself in good music, and socialising with friends. These activities help him maintain a balanced lifestyle, ensuring he’s always energized and ready to support his clients 🔋
Please get in touch for further information and to book a consultation with Luca.


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