Corporate Fitness Manchester

Gym 72 have been offering corporate fitness solutions since 2011. With a wide range of clients including Kellogg’s, BBC, NHS and the Department of Health. We find that corporate fitness just like personal training should be specific to your company goals. This might be to improve staff wellbeing, reduce absence or simply to boost morale through engagement in exercise. We are able to develop a plan that will lead to highest staff participation and best results for your investment.

Along with site management we are able to offer a range of fitness classes from yoga through to boot camp and can ensure something for all. By conducting regular body composition tests and health assessments we can provide accurate feedback on the health and fitness of your workforce.

Site Management

Here at Gym72 we offer on site gym management. This is tailored to your specific needs however typically includes a set number of supervised hours, managed by one of our fitness professionals.

During these supervised hours your staff are encouraged to engage with our Trainer for guidance in exercise, nutrition and stress management. All of our trainers are a minimum level 3 REPS which is the governing body for health and fitness professionals. They carry their own personal insurance and that is forwarded to you in advance of any agreement.

During supervised hours your staff can book 1-1 consultations. This might range from a gym induction to a full weekly programme. Our trainer will help to set goals and become a personal mentor in achieving results.

Benefits of on site corporate gym management

  • Health & safety (initial induction and follow up appointments ensure staff are using equipment safely and effectively reducing risk of injury)
  • Healthier workforce (leading to less sickness and increased productivity)
  • Happy working environment (a healthy team is a happy team. Improving energy levels and self confidence among employees creates a positive and energetic working environment)

To place a member of our team costs from £40 per hour with a minimum 2 hours per week. We are happy to work with your business to find the right solution for you based on staff numbers, available facilities and health and wellness budgets.